The client and volunteer management system for organizations in switzerland

Why nyvs client and volunteer management system?

With our system, we created a simple, clean and intuitive process for your volunteers to sign up, for you to register your clients easily, for you to easily check your statistics, for you to log your clients. We simply created our system for your volunteers to have a good experience to volunteer, for your clients to become and stay your clients easier and for you just to have a good time managing and running your organisation.

For volunteers

Always keep the overview of your upcoming shifts and easily register for additional shifts in multiple locations.

Simply show your personal QR-Code to a coordinator on site.

Add a profile picture to give your profile an even more personal touch.

The volunteersystem can is available in multiple languages.

You can access the nyvPass platform from any device with a web-browser.


For clients

Faster client registration leads to faster client-throughput which in turn leads to happier volunteers and clients.

Simply scan clinet-cards to minimize errors.

A pre-registration for even faster registrations can be added.


For volunteer-coordinators

Always have a overview over the volunteers and the free shifts. 

Simply scan their personal QR-Codes to see their shifts for the whole day. 


For managing

Always be up-to-date about the current situation and the current statistics.


Give specific user permissions for specific locations to keep your data yours.



CHF 69 / month
  • Up to 200 registered clients
  • Up to 10 active volunteers
  • 99% uptime


CHF 159 / month
  • Up to 3000 registered clients
  • Up to 500 active volunteers
  • 99% uptime